Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server that runs on a real physical server and is in no way inferior to dedicated servers in its functionality. VPS are widespread due to low cost and a softer transition from conventional shared hosting, where, unlike the latter, you can realize absolutely any technical potential. In addition, unlike cloud hosting, each VPS server is completely isolated from its “server neighbors” due to virtualization technology. Thanks to virtualization, complete independence from the load generated by other clients on the same virtual server is achieved, because each client receives exactly as many resources as were previously ordered.

What are the benefits of VPS?

Unlike physical servers, VPS has the ability to flexibly and instantly change parameters, such as the amount of RAM, disk space, the number of IP addresses and other parameters. Thus, starting a small project, there is no need to immediately buy a powerful server, where almost all resources will simply be idle and not used. Thanks to the flexibility of VPS, it will be possible to increase computing power along with the growth of your business without overpaying for unused resources.

How reliable is it?

Any complex infrastructure requires a lot of attention from architects and care from administrators. In the case of a cluster for VPS servers, the architects of our system provide several fault tolerance mechanisms. First of all, the cluster allows you to quickly transfer the virtual machine from one host node to another, for example, less loaded. Secondly, each host node reserves user data using RAID arrays. Thirdly, each host of the node creates backup copies of all data and stores them in another data center. Finally, on tariffs with the backup option, automatic creation of an additional VPS snapshot is available at the user’s request. So, if the budget of your project does not allow you to buy a dedicated server, while you need the flexibility to configure or more resources that a shared hosting provides, Qiwi VPS server hosting will be the best choice.

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